The ecoSelf project is about healing people’s relationships with the rest of nature. At the heart of this is the realisation that people are part of nature and that healing one depends on healing the other.

The project is led by David Key who designs and facilitates outdoor courses and programmes that allow people to experience themselves as part of nature – to experience their true ecological selves. In addition, he offers teaching, mentoring and a range of consultancy services. These draw from the field of ecopsychology to provide insight and support to individuals and organisations seeking to live more fully, and more sustainably.

Dave has over fifteen years experience working with a diversity of individuals and organisations across public, private, academic and NGO sectors. He has designed and delivered projects internationally and has facilitated change for sustainability from personal to national policy level.

He is also a Director of Natural Change Limited, a social enterprise which delivers strategic training to catalyse and support leadership for ecological sustainability.