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Stone Circle © Margaret Kerr 2012I work with what’s there, with what emerges in the present moment that is a response to peoples’ experiences of the world.

In order to do this I need something to work from, I need a response to create a response.

My idea for this blog – at least in part – is to work with whatever YOU bring. A question, an observation, a feeling, an idea.

My hope is to facilitate a process through this blog, not simply present stuff (although I do hope to post interesting links and anything that might also support the process).

All I need to get started is for one person to respond…

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David Key


  1. I think this might be helpful… ‘When we don’t become conscious of our inner contradictions, the world must act out the conflict and be torn into opposite halves’. C.G. Jung

    • Thanks thats so beautiful. Jungs wisdom is amazingly multidimensional. One line from him I adore is the statement; “The importance of living a symbolic life”. I believe, he means, in a sense, that the re-enchanment of our perception of the world is all we need to shift from a dependency of symbols given from society to am independent relationship with socety where symbols are created and derived from ourselves. Which in our days could be expressed as a shift from a consumeristic culture to creative culture. Thank you for the inspiration David!!

  2. OK, so I’m going to pick this up tomorrow… I see: stuff in the shadow that comes back to haunt a culture and this issue of phoenix-like rebirth. Oooh, this sounds like something to do with death and redemption…!

  3. Hi Dave – literally just back from Rwanda. Met the Permanent Secretary for the Minister for trade and Industry and listened to his most amazing storytelling of colonial divide and conquer, war, genocide and extraordinary rebuilding. I asked him if he now thought that catastrophe was necessary for the kinds of changes Rwanda has now seen (participatory visioning for the whole country… amalgamating tiny plots of land voluntarily to contribute to food security… plastic bags banned country-wide… really clean and tidy)… he said: “yes, and no… good governance as well”.
    Now, two days later, I am wondering about the (understandable) collective conscious repression of the dark…

    • So I get that the questions here are about the role of collapse in creating the conditions for something better and about the repression of shadow in the collective unconscious.

      The repression of shadow necessary to get over the horror of collapse? Am I reading that right…?

      • That’s what I was wondering.
        For example: penalty for petty theft in Rwanda = police shoot to kill (apparently petty theft was rising, the President announced this, two people we shot and petty theft stopped completely…)

        • Chris, sorry – I think I replied in the wrong place (see above). Posted it from my phone and couldn’t see what I was doing properly!

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