Programme design

Over the last 20 years I have designed and delivered hundreds of transformative change programmes. This work has led to the development of a model for programme design with a comprehensive evidence base and many years of ongoing evaluation.

Programme evaluation

Most contemporary methods for measuring personal and cultural change programmes miss the most important data. This is because they use methodolodies that are based on shallow and narrowly defined techniques, or are flawed due to philosophical conflicts between the methodology and the type of data available.

I can provide support in designing and implementing effective evaluation techniques that provide integrative, valid and tested approaches that ‘see’ the most valuable data and help translate it into meaningful and useful forms.

Delivery team support

A key ingredient in delivering effective change within an organisation is often providing those responsible for implementation with personal support. This task is usually part of a wider consultancy project but can also be offered independently.

Stakeholder engagement

Engaging and influencing stakeholders – whether they be clients, employees, funders, shareholders or the general public – is the whole point of most change programmes. Achieving this goal however, requires strategic thinking, the careful allocation of often scarce resources and a keen eye for hidden political and interpersonal processes. It also requires clear and engaging communications which are meaningful to audiences with often diverse and sometimes conflicting interests.