I offer mentoring to anyone wanting to integrate ecopsychology into their professional practice or daily life. I generally contract to provide a series of sessions for a negotiated fee, although sometimes a one-off session is all that is needed. I’ve found that this kind of formal agreement makes boundaries clear, enabling clients to relax more fully into dialogue and to explore their own needs for support.

Amongst other things, people have asked for mentoring to:

  • Explore next steps in their professional journey with ecopsychology;
  • Deepen their understanding of ecopsychology theory and identify reading materials and research threads;
  • Help them develop a regular practice (usually around intention-setting, solos and story-telling);
  • Support the development of professional projects;
  • Identify and clarify the symbols, images and dreams which support their personal and professional journey;
  • Provide a safe space to express and explore their emotional responses to our ecological situation.

I like to offer this service in addition to any personal relationships that have evolved with people I already know.

I am flexible about the format, which could be by Skype, email, phone and/or face-to-face meetings. I am also flexible about the frequency and length of contact depending on your needs.

Email me to discuss your needs.