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The Truth is Out There

The main problem, with the ‘environmental’ problem, is that it’s so energy-sappingly depressing. All those mind-numbing statistics about species extinction, escalating Parts Per Million of atmospheric carbon, another landscape racked by deforestation. A read through the “Jo’berg memo” for example, published to coincide with the Rio plus 10 Earth Summit in Johannesburg last year, is a downward-spiralling journey of despair. Lester Brown’s annually published ‘State of the World’ report, the essential brief-case bible of the environmental lobbyist, attempts to be positive but the undercurrent of desperation catches you in the end.

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Zen and the Art of Minimum Impact

There’s something beautiful about the simplicity of a wild camp. Fetching water from a stream, lighting the stove, making a bed and preparing food. The well-planned wild journey will include plenty of time for such camp craft – for the art of simple living.

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