Equip yourself or your organisation to design and deliver transformative outdoor experiences.

Time in nature changes how we think, feel and behave. It improves our wellbeing and motivates us to live sustainably.



Gain insight and support as you develop your own professional practice or project. A single session to open-ended. For individual practitioners or whole teams.


Explore theories and techniques that deliver transformative outdoor programmes. Three hours to three days. At your place or out in the wilds.


Learn how to design and facilitate outdoor experiences for wellbeing and sustainability. Online and residential. One-week to six-months.


Ensure your nature-based project delivers the wellbeing and sustainability outcomes you need. Deliver consistent, safe, efficient and high impact outdoor programmes.


Janine Finlay

Dave is very attentive and flexible toward personal needs, it is less ‘teacher-student’ focused and more colloborative and supportive, which I I feel is exactly what is needed.

Organisation:Fin Films Ltd UK & The Good Nature Project

Osbert Lancaster

Dave is an exceptional practitioner, teacher and thinker.

Organisation:Natural Change Limited

Gavin McLellan

Dave is an outstanding facilitator with a fantastically engaging and inclusive style, great humour, insightful with deep rapport building abilities.

Organisation:Christian Aid

Dan Ryan

Dave is a gentle and artful consultant that will help you make the most of the resources you have to hand; be it people, places, kit, knowledge, or time.

Organisation:Eden Project

Gill Troup

I am literally in a different physical and psychological space as a result of my involvement.

Organisation:University of the West of Scotland

Richard Dixon

Dave created WWF’s Natural Change process. The results have been inspiring and Dave is great to work with.

Organisation:World Wide Fund for Nature

Charlie Németh

The course cleared a lot of clutter from my head and allowed me to focus and determine the deeper underlying questions of my life and of my connection to Nature.

Organisation:Teacher, Hungary

Louise Macdonald OBE

In learning that the wilderness can be such a powerful source of intense natural healing, I have a new and profound respect for the earth and our complex relationship with it. I now know that this is a new beginning.


Richard Profit

Dave has given me the confidence and capability to set and lead my global organisation’s climate strategy.


Tom Deacon

The course played a subtle but powerful part in deepening my commitment to a life of working for positive change.

Organisation:Field Studies Council

Julie Gilbert-Binns

I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and found David to be an inspirational, enthusiastic and sensitive coach who focused on helping me identify my particular areas of interest and feeding my curiosity.


Jim Riach

Dave is an inspirational, calm and creative facilitator allowing all participants to feel comfortable and able to connect with the wonders of nature.

Organisation:Keep Scotland Beautiful

Danielle Levy

A considerate, generous, and passionate coach – I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with David!

Cormac Cullinan

I was greatly impressed by the depth of Dave’s expertise, insights and empathic connection to the landscape.

Organisation:Cullinan & Associates

Dan Ryan

Dave is an extraordinary trainer, though that word is a dis-service here, his wealth of experience in the broad fields of outdoor education and facilitated wild experiences is un-paralleled.

Organisation:Eden Project

Danielle Levy

David made me feel seen, heard, and supported throughout the journey. He is a true wealth of knowledge.

Richard Profit

The course has brought me a deeper awareness and ability to listen. This has enabled me to understand the broader impacts of my business and provided me with the skills to find different responses and action, rather than merely repeating past actions.


Steve Malkin

If you’re reading this and wondering if it’s right for you, just get in touch with Dave and see where life takes you. It helped me and I loved it.

Organisation:Planet First

Louise Macdonald OBE

The course has acted as a catalyst for all kinds of ideas and actions, both personal, professional and as a group. I think the phrase might be “watch this space”!


Peter Wooding

I gained a massive amount of insight both personally and professionally. I was profoundly moved by the process. I came away refreshed and inspired.

Organisation:Venture Scotland

Brenna Nyznik

The course experience was truly incredible.

Organisation:Mercy Corp

Karen Liebenguth

Dave is a very gifted facilitator who is able to connect people from all walks of life and to create a safe environment in which learning, practice and storytelling can happen for everyone.

Organisation:Greenspace Life Coaching

Janani Eswar

David has a brilliant way of guiding you on exactly the paths you want to traverse. He was able to help me follow my questions to new and interesting resources to learn from.

Organisation:GRIN (Growing in Nature)

Joanna Kitto

This is a very flexible course and very worthwhile.

Organisation:Living Psychology