20/20 Vision: New Year’s News

2020… strikes me as a year just asking for clear vision 😉 Here’s a quick round up of my New Year.


I’ve signed a new consultancy contract that starts on February 1st and have another three in the pipeline. They are all based around working with outdoor experiences to create personal and social change - whether that be for therapeutic outcomes, or to encourage sustainability leadership. I can’t reveal the clients at this stage but will share all as soon as can!

New Ecopsychology Online Learning Platform

My new ecopsychology online learning platform will go live at the end of April. It has taken over 18 months of planning, development and writing (so far) and is built on over 20 years of teaching, professional practice and research.

The goal of the platform is to enable Ecopsychology to be applied to as many real-world challenges as possible, by making it accessible and pragmatic.

There’s lots to tell but I will save it for the launch in April. I will be publishing a ‘beta’ version to existing clients and collaborators in the next month or, so if that’s you - you’ll hear more soon!
If you’re curious and would like to find out more right now, then just get in touch and I’ll spill the beans.

If you were planning to enroll on (what is now) the old course, then please get in touch and we can work out a plan!


My coaching service is developing well with a new subscription approach that enables longer-term engagement at lower fees. Capacity for coaching is starting to get tight now due to an increase in consultancy work, so if you are interested please do get in touch sooner rather than later.

Find our more about coaching or book a session >>

Coming soon…

The holiday season here in Aotearoa has dealt to my usual monthly blog article, so expect to see that picked up in the Feb. Newsletter...

Photo: Roman Kraft / Unsplash

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