Coaching Agreement

My commitment to you is to provide one-to-one, one-hour coaching sessions. These are provided either ad-hoc on a pay-as-you go basis, or in a prepaid package of sessions. Organisations can also retain sessions for their staff.

Between sessions, I will attempt to respond to emails within 24 hours unless I am away running a residential course or on holiday. If I am going to be away, I will let you know in advance.

Sessions will start and finish on time. Because of my work schedule I don’t have the capacity to over-run if you are late. I will wait 10 minutes at the beginning of each scheduled session time, after which the session will be cancelled. Sessions can only be scheduled on week days between 09.00 and 17.30 NZST (+/-), or as shown as available on my online booking system.

It is your responsibility to have the necessary internet connection, software and hardware to ensure a good enough experience of working online. Using a computer or smart phone in a public place is unlikely to provide a good experience and may disrupt sessions through background noise. Please bear this in mind when preparing for online sessions.

It is also your responsibility to book sessions with me at intervals that suit you, having given yourself enough time to prepare.

I treat any information you give me as confidential.

I often make notes during sessions for my own future reference. Any notes that I keep are filed securely to safeguard confidentiality. I retain notes for no more than one year after your final session – and then securely delete them.

If you are unable to keep a scheduled session and give me 24 hours notice, we can reschedule the session at no extra charge. If you do not give 24 hours notice, then you will normally have to forfeit the session, unless the circumstances of cancellation are exceptional. If you have purchased a prepaid package of sessions, additional sessions can be purchased by arrangement.

You can terminate the process at any time. In this event, the above terms of notice apply for any booked sessions that are subsequently cancelled.

The sessions are not offered as psychotherapy. However, the type of coaching I offer often takes us into the same territory as therapy. Sometimes traumatic experiences from the past come to light. I will work with these within my own capacity as a non-clinical psychologist and seek supervision where necessary. If issues arise which I believe require specialist or long term therapeutic work, I will discuss this with you and help you formulate a plan to access the relevant support.

So that I can maintain a strong ethical framework and offer standards of best practice, I discuss my work at regular intervals with a supervisor (who is a psychotherapist). Anything I say to my supervisor about our sessions is treated as confidential, and is not disclosed to anyone else without your permission.

I approach all sessions with a therapeutic framework of ethics. In this context, if I am concerned that you are a danger to yourself or others, I would have to contact the appropriate agencies. This is very rare indeed. Wherever possible, I would do this in consultation with you, and with my supervisor.