Coaching for Sustainability Leaders – FREE 30 minute intro. session.

Working as a sustainability leader can be soul-destroying. Navigating all the bad news while maintaining professionalism and motivation sometimes feels impossible. However experienced and competent we are, having someone to talk to in a professional, confidential and supportive space can be hugely helpful.

My one-to-one coaching service combines personal and professional support. It helps you:

Find a safe, neutral place: to express and explore your emotional responses to current ecological challenges, in both personal and professional contexts;

Deepen your understanding: of the psychology of sustainability, environmental philosophy and change processes;

Develop tools and techniques for self-care: to build your resilience and sustain yourself in the face of unprecedented challenges;

Get practical support: with the design, development and evaluation of work projects;

Explore next steps: in your professional journey as a leader or facilitator of change;

Access resources and evidence: to create clear and credible communications;

Build your professional community: for support, insight and collaboration.

Sessions are available online, across timezones.

Conditions: Sessions are subject to availability. Only one free session is available per person. There is no future obligation by either party

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