This course provides six, one-to-one tutorials - custom designed to fit your specific needs.

Ecopsychology helps us understand our psychological relationships with the more-than-human world. It combines aspects of nearly all conventional psychological modalities, with a particular focus on environmental and social psychology.

Ecopsychology is an incredibly diverse subject, which is why this course is bespoke. It follows your specific interests, aspirations and learning style at every stage. Some like to focus on guided reading while others prefer an emphasis on dialogue or project work. Self-guided outdoor activities, creative projects - and collaboration to design new nature-based applications have all featured in the past. The course is designed around you, every step of the way.

The course is delivered through six, one-to-one tutorials and extensive learning resources. You will be able to delve deep into the theory of ecopsychology - in your own style at your own speed, following your own curiosity all the way.

Tutorials are supported by bespoke online notes, private library access and email. The majority of readings are instantly available as PDF downloads.

Ecopsychology is an extremely diverse and rich subject. The easiest way into it is to follow your own curiosity and the course is carefully designed to help you follow your own threads. Here are some examples of questions that past-participants have explore:

  • What is Ecopsychology? Where did it come from? How does it fit with other types of psychology?
  • What are the main ideas and theories in Ecopsychology?
  • How can I make ecopsychology my career?
  • How do you design transformative outdoor experiences?
  • What impact does consumer culture have on the ways we treat the rest of nature?
  • How do you become qualified to work as an ecopsychologist?
  • How can ecopsychology be applied to coaching / psychotherapy / organisational development / policy and planning / leadership / social change programmes?
  • What is the language of ecopscyhology? How can it be communicated clearly?
  • How can I integrate ecopsychology into my degree / masters / doctorate study?
  • How do you research and evaluate ecopsychology?
  • What does ecopsychology mean to my own sense of identity?
  • Is ecopsychology related to spirituality?
  • How does ecopsychology relate to indigenous cultures?
  • What is beyond ecopsychology?

The course has been developed through over 20 years of international research, development, post-graduate teaching and hands-on professional practice by the tutor.

This includes leading the post-graduate module in Ecopsychology at the University of Strathclyde in Glagow for seven years; teaching at the world renown Schumacher College; research fellowships at the Universities of Exeter and Anglia Ruskin; authoring published papers and book chapters and; leading a regular residential programme for over 15 years.

About the tutor

This course starts from the position that you cannot have healthy people on a sick planet. Living within the Earth's limits and working to restore our relationships with the rest of nature are essential to our health and wellbeing. Ensuring our own health and that of the planet’s ecosystems are the same task.


You can start the course whenever you like. During your first tutorial, a learning plan is agreed according to your specific interests. We then follow the plan together – and any new directions that emerge – over the following tutorials. Tutorials take place via Zoom. Readings, your learning plan and notes are administered via Google Drive.

The course includes:

  • six personal, one-to-one tutorials of one hour each;
  • a personal learning plan;
  • bespoke learning notes;
  • online resources and reading materials and;
  • email support.

You do not need to be a psychotherapist or counsellor to attend this course. It is for anyone interested in working with the therapeutic potential of time spent outdoors - from urban parks to designated wilderness.

This includes healthcare practitioners, outdoor leaders, social workers, youth workers, rangers, conservationists and educators - as well as those interested in commissioning, or referring into, therapeutic outdoor programmes.

It is recommended that you bring around five years experience in some related form of professional practice - working with groups or one-to-one, indoors or out. However, each application is considered individually, so please do ask if you’re not sure.

Please note:

  • this course is for those seeking to work therapeutically in nature and is not intended as a personal therapeutic intervention.
  • it is likely that a basic level of outdoor leadership training will be required to work ethically and professionally outdoors, depending on the type of environment you want to work in. Please be aware that this course does not qualify you as a professional outdoor leader, which usually requires specialist training and assessment in your home region.

The course is delivered entirely online so you will need a computer with reliable broadband internet access. You will also need Google and Zoom accounts.

The programme is not formally validated. It is designed to offer you a personalised learning experience based on your own curiosity and passions, and fitted around your needs and circumstances.

An emphasis will be placed on helping you apply your learning to bring ecopsychology into practice.

On completion of the course, a Continuing Professional Development certificate can be provided for 20 hours of study.


Includes: 6 hours of contact time on a one-to-one ratio, access to a private online library of over 500 PDF downloads, personal online learning notes, access to a private email group, a CPD certificate and email support and; GST in New Zealand.

Excludes: All information technology and equipment, internet costs and any hard-copy, full-text books that are referenced during the course. Additional one-to-one sessions can be purchased at addition cost, if required.

To make sure the course is right for you, enrolment is by application. If you would like to have a chat about the course before applying please do get in touch.

Start Date:Anytime - you choose.
Format:Six one-to-one online tutorials by arrangement to suit your schedule.
Contact time:Six hours
Approx. reading time:24 hours
Location:Online via Zoom and Google Drive
Certification:A Continuing Professional Development Certificate for your final number of hours can be issue upon course completion.

I am pleased that I decided to do this course with David. I got a lot out of the experience. I appreciated the open and flexible style of our sessions, and enjoyed the diversity of our valuable discussions.

David made me feel seen, heard, and supported throughout the journey. He is a true wealth of knowledge – and customised the course to meet my personal interests, by providing plenty of useful study resources.

Danielle Levy

When I contacted David, I had no idea where my interests would lead me! I loved his non-prescriptive approach, the flexibility and openness which allowed me to explore so many different strands of this fascinating topic.

I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and found David to be an inspirational, enthusiastic and sensitive coach who focused on helping me identify my particular areas of interest and feeding my curiosity. I have only scratched the surface and I hope some day to expand my knowledge further and apply it even more to my work.

When that time comes, I know who to turn to.

Julie Gilbert-Binns

The course has brought me a deeper awareness and ability to listen. This has enabled me to understand the broader impacts of my business and provided me with the skills to find different responses and action, rather than merely repeating past actions.

Richard Profit

The course played a subtle but powerful part in deepening my commitment to a life of working for positive change. It opened windows in my thinking, and reinvigorated trust in working with intuition and metaphor that have since shaped my working path.

Tom Deacon
Organisation:Field Studies Council

I heartily recommend David’s work to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding and experience within the broad purview of ecotherapy. The bespoke nature and pacing of the work, together with David’s extensive experience, strong companionship and challenge gives a blend of embodied practice with imagination and study, making for a profound synthesis and optimal conditions for deep change.

For me it was a tremendous vessel in which to simmer and steep, one that promoted the risky business of leaping, that served encountering the nobly camouflaged layers of self and led me to “be able to stand in the wreckage of what used to be (my) certainty” and have that be a flourishing of wild and previously unseen truths.

I recommend David, the man and his work, to anyone with heart enough to commit and head enough to set the compass.

Keith Hackwood
Organisation:Synthesis Wales

David is very knowledgeable and experienced and provided me with access to a wide variety of resources which we would then discuss within the sessions. Because they were individual sessions, David was able to tailor them to my interests and what I wanted to explore.

This is a very flexible course and very worthwhile.

Joanna Kitto
Organisation:Living Psychology

David has a brilliant way of guiding you on exactly the paths you want to traverse. He was able to help me follow my questions to new and interesting resources to learn from.

I work to connect children to nature in India and his course has helped me build language and structure around my work in order to better communicate with others around me.

I have also greatly benefited from his library. The resources available there would be very hard for me to find elsewhere.

Janani Eswar
Organisation:GRIN (Growing in Nature)

I have worked with Dave since 2014, firstly through the online Nature Psychology course and more recently by engaging with him as my coach. He has a richness of knowledge, wisdom and experience that I feel so lucky to be able to access – and my only wish is I had found him sooner.

His grounded, open and, I think, quite modest style heartens me greatly in a world where humility often seems scarce. I leave every session with Dave feeling energised, inspired, renewed and hopeful on this emergent journey of mine. To anyone who wants to understand what it really means to climb down from our human superiority and truly inhabit the world as nature intended – and lead others in doing so – I can’t recommend Dave enough.

Sandra Cunningham
Organisation:Walking Coach

A considerate, generous, and passionate coach – I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with David!

Danielle Levy

Dave’s course has given me permission to silence the white noise. It has helped me to sift out what matters. It’s pretty subtle. It’s liberating.

Emily Peel Yates
Organisation:Halcrow Group

I discovered Dave’s work when I was managing the film output for the World Wildlife Fund in the UK where he had been consulting on Natural Change. Nature Psychology seemed to me to be the solution to get us out of this natural mess – by turning toward environmental destruction, and building relationship with it, we start to move into recovery – what a radical and beautifully simple idea!

Dave’s course in ecopsychology was the beginning of my journey with this incredible work and I chose to make it almost entirely experiential – carrying out practices in nature that Dave ‘prescribed’. I learned a lot about myself, and this has ultimately meant I can deliver the material to other people with an understanding of how it really works.

I loved that the course was self governed – for me this meant I could go on my own exploration, and pull on the threads that interested me. It’s an excellent foundation, Dave is very attentive and flexible toward personal needs, it is less ‘teacher-student’ focused and more colloborative and supportive, which I I feel is exactly what is needed in this world. I would do the course again and again.

Janine Finlay
Organisation:Fin Films Ltd UK & The Good Nature Project

Approaching the beach from the cliff top I had a feeling something profound was going to take place. And when I met Dave it started happening. In just 36 hours I had the best reset I could have imagined and 36-months later I am still enjoying its effects. If you’re reading this and wondering if it’s right for you, just get in touch with Dave and see where life takes you. It helped me and I loved it.

Steve Malkin
Organisation:Planet First

Dave’s course was the beginning of my journey with this incredible work.

I learned a lot about myself, and this has ultimately meant I can work with other people with a much deeper understanding of change processes. I loved that the course was self governed – for me this meant I could go on my own exploration, and pull on the threads that interested me.

Dave is very attentive and flexible toward personal needs, it is less ‘teacher-student’ focused and more collaborative and supportive, which I feel is exactly what is needed in this world.

I would do the course again and again.

Janine Finlay
Organisation:Fin Films Ltd UK & The Good Nature Project