This coaching programme will support you to:

  • Design transformative outdoor experiences of nature for well-being and sustainability;
  • Express and explore your emotional responses to current ecological challenges, in both personal and professional contexts - in a safe, neutral context.
  • Develop psychological strategies for dealing with conflict around ecological issues;
  • Facilitate complex personal and interpersonal processes outdoors;
  • Research and evaluate outdoor-based change programmes;
  • Engage stakeholders using psychological concepts and nature-based techniques;
  • Transform overwhelm into action through experiences of nature;
  • Work with eco-trauma, climate grief and eco-anxiety - in yourself and others;
  • Understand the psychology of sustainability and social change processes;
  • Create psychologically savvy personal and social change strategies based on ecological principles;
  • Develop an evidence base for outdoor approaches to well-being and sustainability;
  • Develop specific outdoor programmes and initiatives with expert support;
  • Improve relationships with the rest of nature through psychological insights;
  • Discover the next steps in your professional journey.

Dave has helped me to reach a deep resolve in my choices for the direction of my life and the work that I wish to do in the world.

Charlie Németh
Organisation:Teacher, Hungary

A considerate, generous, and passionate coach – I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with David!

Danielle Levy

I am grateful for the 12 hours of coaching I had with David Key. The sessions were very helpful in opening up possibilities for how I can use an ecotherapy approach in my clinical work as a psychologist. They were also extremely valuable personally, in helping me to navigate my way into a new phase in my life. I guess you could say that they were transformational!

Yasmin Aschebrock
Organisation:Prana Cottage

Dave helped me realise that I am strong enough to make change in my life that will benefit me and others. The confidence is now in me to say what I think and not say what I think others want me to say.

Marc Forrester
Organisation:YouthLink Scotland

David has a brilliant way of guiding you on exactly the paths you want to traverse. He was able to help me follow my questions to new and interesting resources to learn from.

I work to connect children to nature in India and his course has helped me build language and structure around my work in order to better communicate with others around me.

I have also greatly benefited from his library. The resources available there would be very hard for me to find elsewhere.

Janani Eswar
Organisation:GRIN (Growing in Nature)

I heartily recommend David’s work to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding and experience within the broad purview of ecotherapy. The bespoke nature and pacing of the work, together with David’s extensive experience, strong companionship and challenge gives a blend of embodied practice with imagination and study, making for a profound synthesis and optimal conditions for deep change.

For me it was a tremendous vessel in which to simmer and steep, one that promoted the risky business of leaping, that served encountering the nobly camouflaged layers of self and led me to “be able to stand in the wreckage of what used to be (my) certainty” and have that be a flourishing of wild and previously unseen truths.

I recommend David, the man and his work, to anyone with heart enough to commit and head enough to set the compass.

Keith Hackwood
Organisation:Synthesis Wales

Dave’s deft touch can be found as traces of invisible thread through many of Eden Project’s experiential learning programmes. He is a gentle and artful consultant that will help you make the most of the resources you have to hand; be it people, places, kit, knowledge, or time. He is equally capable of directing you, unblocking your problems, or simply guiding you towards the right solution for your programme needs.

Dan Ryan
Organisation:Eden Project

Dave has worked with me and my team for the past few years on team dynamics, programme design, and personal coaching. He is an extraordinary trainer, though that word is a dis-service here, his wealth of experience in the broad fields of outdoor education and facilitated wild experiences is un-paralleled. His attention to detail, subject knowledge, and impeccable research means all learning experiences with him are enlightening, thought provoking, and deeply practical.

Dan Ryan
Organisation:Eden Project

I am pleased that I decided to do this course with David. I got a lot out of the experience. I appreciated the open and flexible style of our sessions, and enjoyed the diversity of our valuable discussions.

David made me feel seen, heard, and supported throughout the journey. He is a true wealth of knowledge – and customised the course to meet my personal interests, by providing plenty of useful study resources.

Danielle Levy

I gained a massive amount of insight both personally and professionally. I was profoundly moved by the process. I came away refreshed and inspired.

Peter Wooding
Organisation:Venture Scotland

Dave’s course was the beginning of my journey with this incredible work.

I learned a lot about myself, and this has ultimately meant I can work with other people with a much deeper understanding of change processes. I loved that the course was self governed – for me this meant I could go on my own exploration, and pull on the threads that interested me.

Dave is very attentive and flexible toward personal needs, it is less ‘teacher-student’ focused and more collaborative and supportive, which I feel is exactly what is needed in this world.

I would do the course again and again.

Janine Finlay
Organisation:Fin Films Ltd UK & The Good Nature Project

I’ve worked with Dave over the past few months and am grateful for the conversations on the wider world of nature connection. Dave is generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience and always knows where to point me to explore more.

From terminology to concept to fields of study, I feel more confident in crafting a vision for my own offerings. I especially found streamlining and consolidating my interests to reach a broader audience particularly helpful.

I feel well on my way to the next steps and am richer for the learning.

Regan Stacey
Organisation:The Forest Therapy School

Dave has given me the confidence and capability to set and lead my global organisation’s climate strategy.

Richard Profit

Dave has helped me enormously over the past year, l have really enjoyed the coaching sessions and they have helped to develop therapeutic work outdoors with young people. I have learnt so much about the process and how to develop and structure our nature therapy sessions. I feel l have also learnt so much about how everything links up and all the connections between establishing a healthier planet in conjunction with healthier people. Thanks so much Dave.

Jill Guppy
Organisation:Winchester Youth Counselling

When I contacted David, I had no idea where my interests would lead me! I loved his non-prescriptive approach, the flexibility and openness which allowed me to explore so many different strands of this fascinating topic.

I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and found David to be an inspirational, enthusiastic and sensitive coach who focused on helping me identify my particular areas of interest and feeding my curiosity. I have only scratched the surface and I hope some day to expand my knowledge further and apply it even more to my work.

When that time comes, I know who to turn to.

Julie Gilbert-Binns

I have worked with Dave since 2014, firstly through the online Nature Psychology course and more recently by engaging with him as my coach. He has a richness of knowledge, wisdom and experience that I feel so lucky to be able to access – and my only wish is I had found him sooner.

His grounded, open and, I think, quite modest style heartens me greatly in a world where humility often seems scarce. I leave every session with Dave feeling energised, inspired, renewed and hopeful on this emergent journey of mine. To anyone who wants to understand what it really means to climb down from our human superiority and truly inhabit the world as nature intended – and lead others in doing so – I can’t recommend Dave enough.

Sandra Cunningham
Organisation:Walking Coach