Ecopsychology Online Course

Ecopsychology is a fascinating subject with powerful potential for anyone working for a sustainable future.

Dive in deep through this bespoke, one-to-one online learning experience. Study anywhere, across timezones, at your own pace. The course is built around your interests, aspirations and schedule. Here are some examples of topics covered in the past:

  • What is Ecopsychology? How does it fit with other types of psychology?
  • What are it's main ideas and theories?
  • How do you design transformative outdoor experiences?
  • What is eco-trauma and how can you work with it?
  • What impact does consumer culture have on the ways we treat the rest of nature?
  • How do you become qualified to work as an ecopsychologist?
  • How can ecopsychology be applied to coaching / psychotherapy / organisational development / policy / leadership / social change campaigns?
  • What is the evidence that ecopsychology works?

Previous participants include academics, outdoor leaders, psychotherapists, facilitators, rangers, teachers, organisational development consultants, sustainability leaders, coaches and healthcare professionals.

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