My one-to-one service for leaders, facilitators and therapists provides direct support to help you develop your professional practice and personal resilience. Sessions are available online across timezones or we can work face-to-face, if possible. The first 30 minute session is free of charge.

Deepen your understanding: of the psychology of sustainability, environmental philosophy and change processes;

Get practical support: with the design, development and evaluation of personal, social and ecological change programmes;

Explore next steps: in your professional journey as a therapist, leader or facilitator of transformational change;

Develop tools and techniques for self-care: to build your resilience and sustain yourself in the face of unprecedented challenges;

Access resources and evidence: to create clear and credible communications that engage clients, funders and stakeholders;

Find a safe, neutral place: to express and explore your emotional responses to current ecological challenges, in both personal and professional contexts;

Build your professional community: for support, insight, collaboration and access to resources.

Dave has worked with me and my team for the past few years on team dynamics, programme design, and personal coaching. He is an extraordinary trainer, though that word is a dis-service here, his wealth of experience in the broad fields of outdoor education and facilitated wild experiences is un-paralleled. His attention to detail, subject knowledge, and impeccable research means all learning experiences with him are enlightening, thought provoking, and deeply practical.

Dan Ryan
Eden Project

Dave has helped me to reach a deep resolve in my choices for the direction of my life and the work that I wish to do in the world.

Charlie Németh
Teacher, Hungary

A considerate, generous, and passionate coach – I am thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with David!

Danielle Levy

Approaching the beach from the cliff top I had a feeling something profound was going to take place. And when I met Dave it started happening. In just 36 hours I had the best reset I could have imagined and 36-months later I am still enjoying its effects. If you’re reading this and wondering if it’s right for you, just get in touch with Dave and see where life takes you. It helped me and I loved it.

Steve Malkin
Planet First

I gained a massive amount of insight both personally and professionally. I was profoundly moved by the process. I came away refreshed and inspired.

Peter Wooding
Venture Scotland

Dave helped me realise that I am strong enough to make change in my life that will benefit me and others. The confidence is now in me to say what I think and not say what I think others want me to say.

Marc Forrester
YouthLink Scotland

Dave has given me the confidence and capability to set and lead my global organisation’s climate strategy.

Richard Profit