SEMINAR: Change Through Nature

18th (or 19th -depending on your timezone) October, 2021

With Bayo Akomolafe, Nora Bateson, Michael Boyle, Karen Carberry, Tom Cheetham, Roger Duncan, David Key, Meredith Little, Graham Music, Robert Romanyshyn, Arne Rubinstein, Sue Stuart-Smith.

‘Reclaiming our Indigenous Relationship with Nature is a webinar series about ways of reclaiming an indigenous relationship to nature and mental health. Not through cultural appropriation to support our failing western lifestyles, but by finding a personal, deep intersubjective connection to the self-healing ecosystems of the earth; which is the birth right of all human cultures.’

I’m humbled and delighted to be part of this new seminar series offered by Confer. I was invited to contribute by my friend and colleague Roger Duncan.

My session, which takes place on the 18th or 19th October (depending on your timezone) is entitled, ‘Change through nature’. It will take a pragmatic look at designing and facilitating transformative outdoor experiences, based on nearly 25 years of professional practice.


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