Ten Second Survey – Results!

Thank you if you took part in my Ten Second Survey. Here are the results so far ...


12.4% of folks searched me on the internet. 7% are current or past clients and I contacted 1.8% directly. LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook came in at 1.2%, 0.6% and 2.9% respectively, which is very interesting.

17.1% attended an event where I presented and 3.5% saw me in a video or webinar online.

A whopping 25.3% heard about me from someone they know.

28.2% of respondents chose the 'Other' category. Interestingly though, 47.5% of the comments from this category referred to internet searches! So a large proportion of these should be added to the 12.4% internet option, increasing that category to 23.9% of the total.

It was heart-warming and funny to read many comments from friends and family in the 'Any Other Comments' section. Even from a list of thousands, I was struck by the huge proportion I know personally. I guess my network has been developing for over 30 years now, so maybe that's not so surprising.

In summary, word of mouth came out on top with internet searches coming next. Attendance at an event where I presented came in third. These three came out far above the rest at 72.8% of the total.


My professional community appears to be built on word of mouth and internet searches. Meeting at events is also significant.

Social media appears a lot less effective at engaging new people with my work than the hype might suggest. I experience a strong Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) with these media, which I find frustrating. Maintaining them is also incredibly time-consuming and expensive. From this survey it looks like this is largely time and money wasted. However, they may be useful for keeping in touch with people ... once they have already connected. I will need to test this out - watch-out for the second ten second survey!

If you didn't take my Ten Second Survey, it's not too late! Just click the button below ... it doesn't take long to complete (er, under ten seconds ;-)) and it would really help me out ...


  1. Iain Waugh2nd March 2021

    Any reduction in data server use sounds good to me… The carbon cost of IT seems to be rising to fast for sustainable electricity generation… I know there’s a lot of clever projects .. including one in our Scottish seas but I prefer to reduce server demand … Word of mouth suits you sir…

    1. David Key3rd March 2021

      Hi Iain, lovely to hear from you! Yes, it often gets missed that – a blind spot for many environmentalists too!

      … my challenge is how to make word of mouth a bit more effective … it usually takes years, and lots of lovely, slow, deep conversations – sitting on rocks, under trees, by rivers or on a beach!

  2. Cate28th February 2021

    Dave, this is so helpful for those of us who are starting out with this type of work! I’m not surprised that word of mouth is solid for you, but the website search helps me to know that it is valuable for garnering new clients (how I found you). I have to say though I researched your background and found online interviews, etc. that really helped me to figure-out if it would be a fit. Thanks for sharing your research!

    1. David Key1st March 2021

      Thanks Cate. Very interesting. I think ultimately this online marketing thing is a bit random!


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