The Allegory of the Pit

One of the joys of coaching is that I meet some amazing people. I also feel that I learn as much from them as they might from me. A client recently sent me a link to a quite incredible article about the Allegory of the Pit, written by Bayo Akomolafe and published by the Emergence Network.

I think I find this article fascinating because it speaks to a long-held nascent awareness somewhere deep in my flesh, that the entire sustainability movement might be missing the point. Or at least, might have fallen into it's own shadow - becoming part of the system it is trying to change. And it features Batman - what's not to like?

The Emergence Network have also just published details of an upcoming event in India called The Wilds Beyond Climate Justice. I love that title, it names justice alongside climate and it points us toward the wild. Some of the questions this event asks us include:

  • What if the world we want to save is alive and has imperatives of its own?
  • What if time is not linear and power is not scarce?
  • What if the centralization of humans to the project of change is itself part of the problem?

These questions are important to me for two reasons. The first is that they are good questions in-and-of themselves: 'what if' questions are my favourite. But more importantly they are questions that take us off the map into unknown territory - while remaining right at the centre of our most gritty and pressing global issue.

I'll be keeping a close eye on Bayo's work and the Emergence Network - I think they might be onto something massive... and as yet largely unsaid.



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