The Big News

It has been ages since I published a blog post or newsletter. There are numerous reasons for this, mainly to do with a stark series of bereavements and a change in my partner's work circumstances. This has meant that my professional work was put on the back-burner for a while.

In practice, I started doing more online coaching work - which turned out to be really intereating and, I hope, helpful for a range of new clients.  I also took on some long-term consultancy with the lovely folks at the Eden Project in Cornwall. These two strands worked well together and gave me lots of family time.

In more recent months, I've done some joyful work with Debby Richardson-Webb and her fantastic team from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland helping them to develop a new programme.

But the big news is that my family and I have relocated (back) to New Zealand. A love affair of some 25 years! After living here in the 90's and becoming citizens, we moved back to the UK in 2000 for family reasons and so that I could do my Masters at the Centre for Human Ecology (then in Edinburgh). We made several attempts to move back to New Zealand but never quite made it, then my daughter arrived and that was us busy for 13 years!

So with emerging joy and trepidation we find ourselves back in Aotearoa. Re-kindling some wonderful old relationships and already meeting some great new people.

This move marks a full re-launch of my work as a consultant, coach and educator - with a focus on New Zealand and Australia. Interestingly, I also have a few new projects evolving in Europe, which fits well with family commitments back in the UK!


  1. Pat Fleming20th November 2018

    Best of luck with it all! We may well join you there before too long…

    1. David Key20th November 2018

      Thanks Pat!


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