Towards an Ecopsychotherapy: a new book by Mary-Jayne Rust.

My long-time partner in Ecopsychology, Mary-Jayne Rust, has just published a new book. 'Towards an Ecopsychotherapy' makes an important and much needed contribution to the psychotherapy world, bringing ecological issues into the therapeutic frame.

Over the last 17 years, MJ and I have worked closely developing outdoor-based therapeutic approaches. Initially, I was an outdoor leader looking to work with greater psychological depth and MJ was a psychotherapist wanting to explore working outdoors. We found an immediate fit which has become the best professional collaboration of my career. We have also become close friends.

We found where our two professions overlapped beautifully - and where they do not. Most of all we discovered rich terrain for a radical reframing which combines psychotherapy, ecology and outdoor experiential work.

Although short, this new book covers a huge amount of ground. It will give anyone interested in the nexus between psychotherapy and ecological issues an essential foundation to this incredibly important field of theory and practice.

It’s available on Kindle and as an e-book. It’s still unclear when the paperback version will be out – sometime after UK lockdown - initially through the Karnac online bookshop.


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