The Natural Change Project

WWF-Scotland asked me to design and facilitate a programme to increase environmental advocacy amongst people of influence in Scotland. Seven people, all leaders in their respective fields, were invited to take part.

The project included three residential workshops in inspirational wild places, as well as various urban meetings and one-to-one support. The project led to a range of outcomes at personal, organisational and social levels. It created a group of high-profile leaders who became advocates for WWF’s work in Scotland and beyond.

The group are still in regular contact with each other and have collaborated on a wide variety of projects and initiatives since 2008. The project was repeated in 2010 with leaders in education. This ultimately influenced government education policy and led to the recognition of Scotland by UNESCO as a world leader in Learning for Sustainability.

With the help of WWF, the Natural Change Project was established as a social enterprise in 2011. Today Natural Change Limited applies this unique approach to helping develop change leaders.

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Richard Dixon

Dave co-created our Natural Change process for engaging with the natural world. He has run this exercise for us twice with a diverse group of people over an extended period. The results have been inspiring and Dave has been great to work with.

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